The Unoffiical TinTin++ User's Group


The Unofficial TinTin++ User’s Group is an attempt to bring the TinTin++ community together and improve the way that we share code and documentation. This user’s group is brand new and is currently being maintained by @nfarrar.

I’ve invited all the user’s I know about on github to the organization as contributors so you should have access to contribute and fix content, should you so desire. :) If you didn’t get an invite and want to contribute, shoot a message or email to @nfarrar.


The Unofficial TinTin++ Documentation is an attempt to build robust, current documentation on the TinTin++ scripting language. The official documentation is much out of date, with new features being commonly used but completely undocumented (tables are a good example of this).

This documentation currently consists of @nfarrar’s personal notes, with some input from here. Hoping that others (especially those with experience writing patches) may be willing to contribute some information.


I’ve been working on methods of writing very portable, self-contained scripts for TinTin++, that can be shared among users. To achieve this end, several factors must be considered:

  • The script configuration must be separated from the script purpose
  • Scripts should have a way to verify that dependencies are met
  • Scripts should be as self contained as possible
  • Scripts should have some way to ensure that they don’t interfere with each other (there is no scope)
  • Scripts should be well tested
  • Scripts should be well documented and adhere to a set of standards

I’ve started referring to these types of scripts/command files “modules” and been working on them on my own. I’m publishing my early, extremely alpha “modules” to this repository. Feel free to hack and test.


An unofficial mirror of the tintin++ source code. Maintained by @avidal. It is available here.

IRC Channel

The unofficial TinTin++ IRC channel is #tintin on freenode. I started the channel some time ago and unfortunately it’s been mostly dead since then, though there are a couple full-time idlers.


The following user’s have contributed to the unofficial user’s group projects:

2014 Unofficial TinTin++ User's Group.